The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1 #211


The Monster and the Mystic!

May 1977
Bronze Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $0.30

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WriterLen Wein
ArtistSal Buscema
InkerErnie Chan
ColoristGlynis Oliver-Wein, Glynis Oliver-Wein
LettererIrv Watanabe
Cover PencillerEd Hannigan
Cover InkerErnie Chan
EditorLen Wein, Glynis Oliver-Wein
EditorGlynis Oliver-Wein


Jim Wilson
Thaddeus E. 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Betty Ross
Mahayogi (Cadre of the Immortal)
Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner)
Dr. Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid)