The New Titans #106

Teen Titans

Terminus: The Fate Of Cyborg, Part 3: Rebirth

Jan 1994
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $1.75


WriterMarv Wolfman
ArtistMark Tenney
InkerCharles Barnett III
ColoristAdrienne Roy
LettererJohn Costanza
Cover ArtistBill Jaaska
EditorRob Simpson

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Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Arsenal (Roy Harper Jr.)
Phantasm (Danny Chase)
Red Star (Leonid Kovar)
Pantha (Rosabelle Mendez)
Baby Wildebeest
Prestor Jon (Jon Levine)
Changeling (Garfield Logan)


A restored Cyborg is reunited with Chnageling and Sarah Charles. Technis attempts to access Pantha’s hidden memories, but is unable to do so; Her past remains a mystery even to her. Prestor Jon tries to access the Technis system, but is forced out. Arsenal learns that one of the Technis – Zavior – plans to ravage the earth in an effort to save the dying Technis race.