Teen Titans

The New Titans #117

Psimon Didn't Say You'd Win

Jan 1995
Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.95

Psimon psychologically tortures each of the Titans who he’s captured. Only Mirage remains free – and when Psimon gives her a psionic scan, he unwittingly unlocks new abilities in her. Meanwhile, Minion arrives seeking revenge against Psimon for callously destroying his planet and family. Mirage’s heightened abilities combined with Minion’s Omegadrome powersuit distract Psimon long enough for the other Titans to break free. Together, they are able to contain Psimon. Minion wants to kill Psimon but finds himself unable to do so. Donna Troy assures him he made the right decision as he flies off.

Creators View all

Writer Marv Wolfman
Artist Will Rosado
Inker Keith Champagne
Colorist Dave Chi
Letterer Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Johnson, Dan Panosian
Editor Pat Garrahy

Characters View all

Mirage (Miriam Delgado)
Impulse (Bart Allen)
Darkstar (Donna Troy)
Damage (Grant Emerson)
Terra (Tara Markov)
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Minion (Jarras Minion)
Psimon (Simon Jones)
Arsenal (Roy Harper)