The Phantom (Hermes Press) #5


Dec 2015
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99

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WriterPeter David
PencillerSal Velluto
InkerSal Velluto, Jonathan Hallett
ColoristEugenio Mattozzi
LettererKen Bruzenak
Cover ArtistSal Velluto
Cover ColoristEugenio Mattozzi
InkerMalena Molina


Diana Palmer
Phantom (Kit Walker)


Set in the post WWII era! See the original cast of The Phantom, read this new adventure of The Ghost Who Walks as he battles classic villains. The all-new adventure of the original Ghost Who Walks continues with mini-series written by Peter David with art by Sal Velluto. The Phantom enters the mysterious lost city in chains as the king looks on wanting to execute him; the queen looks on with far worse intentions!