Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 #49


Who Dares Defy the Demi-Men? / A Beast is Born

Oct 1968
Silver Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $0.12


WriterArnold Drake
PencillerWerner Roth, Don Heck
InkerJohn Tartaglione
LettererHerb Cooper
Cover ArtistJim Steranko
EditorStan Lee

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Mesmero (Vincent)
Angel (Warren Worthington III)
Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Polaris (Lorna Dane)
Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)
Beast (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)
Iceman (Robert 'Bobby' Drake)


First appearance of Lorna Dane (Polaris). Cover art by Jim Steranko. Who Dares Defy the Demi-Men?, script by Arnold Drake, pencils by Don Heck and Werner Roth, inks by John Tartaglione; Angel warns Jean about Cerebro beeping loudly, and she tells the other X-Men; a group commanded by Mesmero uses a machine (along with his powers) to turn latent mutants into full-fledged mutants in order to form his army; 1st appearance of Mesmero. A Beast Is Born--The Origins of the Uncanny X-Men, script by Arnold Drake, art by Werner Roth; how Beast got his powers. Letter to the editor from comic writer Tony Isabella. 36 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.