Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 #518


Nation X

Feb 2010
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99


WriterMatt Fraction
PencillerTerry Dodson
InkerRachel Dodson
ColoristJustin Ponsor
LettererJoe Caramagna
Cover ArtistTerry Dodson
Cover InkerRachel Dodson
EditorNick Lowe
Editor in ChiefJoe Quesada

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Madison Jeffries
Celeste Cuckoo
Phoebe Cuckoo
Angel (Warren Worthington III)
Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier)
Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Psylocke (Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock)
Predator X
White Queen (Emma Frost)
Magneto (Max / Erik Magnus Eisenhardt / Lehnsherr)
Irma / Mindee Cuckoo
Beast (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)
Kavita Rao
Dr. Nemesis (James Bradley)
Iceman (Robert 'Bobby' Drake)


Xavier, Cyclops and Psylocke all prepare for their part in the psychic surgery that is going to be performed on the White Queen in an attempt to free her from the Void, and thus gain her telepathic power back. Cyclops enters the White Queen’s mind, where he finds various Emmas, who attack the real Emma, before attacking him. The White Queen finds herself floating through her mind, while Cyclops fends off the other Emmas, only to realize that they are part of the Void who is trying to prevent the psychic surgery. A combined effort between Cyclops and the White Queen eventually stops the Void - but as the White Queen re-enters the real world, she realizes that the Void has gone into Cyclops, which is what she thinks it wanted all along. Meanwhile, The X-Club inform Magneto that Utopia (formerly his Asteroid M) is beginning to sink, and enlist his help, much to the Beast’s chagrin. The Beast finds Iceman burning the bodies of the Predator X that attacked Utopia, and they have a rather heated argument about Cyclops and the direction that things are going on Utopia - but the Beast can not get over the fact Cyclops allowed him to be tortured. Finally, a young mutant girl in New York City is attacked by a Predator X.