The X-Files Annual 2016 #1B

Illegal Aliens

Rel: Jul 27, 2016 - Pub:
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Subscription Photo Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $7.99

Mulder uncovers rumors that the Jade Helm 15 exercises were a smokescreen for a shadow-government group to rendezvous with aliens. Mulder and Scully follow the trail to Mesa Verde in southern Colorado, where they meet skeptical natives and a man who believes he's an alien, on their way to finding the truth. Bullet points: ' From the co-writer of March, Andrew Aydin, and artist Greg Scott!

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Writer Andrew Aydin
Plotter Matthew Dow Smith, Jody Houser
Scripter Matthew Dow Smith
Artist Greg Scott, Corin Howell
Colorist Monica Kubina, Wes Dzioba
Letterer Dezi Sienty
Editor Chris Ryall, Denton J. Tipton