Titans, Vol. 2 #27A

One Life

Rel: Oct 10, 2018 - Pub: Dec 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Clayton Henry Enhanced Foil Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

Newly awakened metahuman Ionbound suffers a fateful transformation that rocks the Titans team to their core. If they can't save these Source Wall victims, what good is their latest mission? But does this development hold the key to helping them? Or is it a harbinger of more death and destruction to come? That's a lot of questions to answer; good thing there are two issues this month to cover all that ground!

Creators View all

Writer Dan Abnett
Penciller Brent Peeples
Inker Matt Santorelli
Colorist Ivan Plascencia
Letterer Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist Clayton Henry, Ivan Plascencia
Editor Marie Javins, Rob Levin, Paul Kaminski, Ben Meares
Editor in Chief Bob Harras

Characters View all

Raven (Rachel Roth)
Steel (Natasha Irons)
Donna Troy
Miss Martian (M'Gann M'Orzz)
Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
Ben Rubel