Ultimate Comics Avengers: Crime and Punishment #2HC

Dec 2010 / Premiere Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Hardcover / $24.99


WriterMark Millar
PencillerLeinil Francis Yu
InkerGerry Alanguilan
ColoristLaura Martin
LettererCory Petit
Cover ArtistLeinil Francis Yu, Laura Martin


Some jobs are just too dirty for the Ultimates. For these, Nick Fury must gather the Avengers, a black-ops team willing to do the missions that others won't. What role will an infamous mass killer play in Fury's plans? Find out here, as the Punisher returns to the Ultimate Universe! The blockbuster team of Mark Millar (The Ultimates) and Leinil Francis Yu (Secret Invasion) present this explosive story that can only be called Crime and Punishment.

Collecting: Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 1-6