Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection #1TP

Modern Age / USA / English
Trade Paperback / $24.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterBrian Michael Bendis
PlotterBill Jemas
PencillerMark Bagley
InkerArt Thibert
ColoristMarie Javins, Colorgraphix
LettererComicraft, Richard Starkings
Cover ArtistJoe Quesada
EditorRalph Macchio
Editor in ChiefJoe Quesada
ColoristSteve Buccellato

Characters — View More ↓

Spider-Man (Ultimate) (Peter Parker)
May Parker (Ultimate)
Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate)
Kong (Ultimate) (Kenny McFarlane)
Fred 'Flash' Thompson (Ultimate)
Harry Osborn (Ultimate)
Kingpin (Ultimate) (Wilson Fisk)
Ox (Ultimate) (Bruno Sanchez)
Fancy Dan (Ultimate) (Dan Rubinstein)
Montana (Ultimate) (Montana Bale)
J. Jonah Jameson (Ultimate)
Ben Urich (Ultimate)
Robbie Robertson (Ultimate)
Dr. Octopus (Ultimate) (Otto Octavius)
Green Goblin (Ultimate) (Norman Osborn)
Electro (Ultimate) (Maxwell Dillon)
Shocker (Ultimate) (Herman Schultz)
Shaw (Ultimate)
Crusher Hogan (Ultimate)
Mr. Big (Ultimate) (Frederick Foswell)
Ben Parker (Ultimate)
Liz Allan (Ultimate)


Collecting the groundbreaking first year of Ultimate Spider-Man in one colossal trade paperback! High school, puberty, first dances - there are many pitfalls to being young. Compound these with intense personal tragedy and superhuman powers, and you can start to visualize the world of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man. Following the murder of his uncle and the Green Goblin's assualt on his high school, Peter finds himself on the brink of manhood: getting a job at the Daily Bugle to help support his widowed aunt and taking on extracurricular activities - such as bringing down the Kingpin, the head of organized crime in New York City! Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1-13.

Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1-13