Uncanny Avengers, Vol. 3 #17


No Rest For The Weary

Feb 2017
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 28 pages / $3.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterGerry Duggan
ArtistPepe Larraz
ColoristDavid Curiel
LettererClayton Cowles
Cover PencillerSteve McNiven
Cover InkerJay Leisten
Cover ColoristDavid Curiel
EditorTom Brevoort, Daniel Ketchum
Editor in ChiefAxel Alonso
EditorAlanna Smith

Characters — View More ↓

Wonder Man (Simon Williams)
Wasp (Janet van Dyne)
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Elektra (Elektra Natchios)
Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
Thor (Thor Odinson)
Daniel Drumm
Deadpool (Wade Wilson)
Rogue (Anna Marie)
Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)
Synapse (Emily Guerrero)
Hulk (Bruce Banner)
Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Cable (Nathan Summers)
Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm)


• The former Avengers fight a rampaging zombie Hulk and ninjas in Japan. •  It's brother versus brother! Voodoo takes on his scheming brother in a climactic battle. •  And for 17 issues the Red Skull has plotted, lurked and waited for the time to destroy the Unity Squad. His wait is over... Rated T