Uncanny Avengers, Vol. 3 #18

Never Gonna Give You Up

Feb 2017
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

• The Unity squad is on the verge of collapse after their wars with Ultron and The Hand... •...but they won't get a vacation because The Red Skull springs his trap and turns The Avengers Mansion into a house of horrors. •  Plus, Rogue gives Deadpool an order that is without question the hardest thing he will ever have to do. Rated T

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Writer Gerry Duggan
Artist Kevin Libranda
Colorist David Curiel
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist Steve McNiven
Cover Colorist David Curiel
Editor Tom Brevoort, Daniel Ketchum, Alanna Smith
Editor in Chief Axel Alonso