Unholy, Vol. 2 #3P

Rel: Mar 29, 2017 - Pub: Mar 2017
Boundless Comics
Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Stunning Nude Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $7.99

The team is finally gathered, focused on adding the one Goddess they need to make a difference - Twilight, daughter of Zeus!  But actually freeing her from centuries of imprisonment is easier said than done.  Also features a Rhapsody origin story by Ron Adrian!   Available with a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including Regular, Wraparound and POV Covers by Christian Zanier, Femme Fatale Cover by Matt Martin, and a Stunning Cover painted by Jonatas. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) by Ron Adrian, a Nude & Naughty Set (of 3 books) limited to 350 and a Fetish Fashion Set (of 3 books) limited to 250 sets, both by Christian Zanier. For the erotic art collectors, there is the Nude, Nude Wrap and POV Nude Cover by Zanier, Femme Fatales Nude by Martin, and a Stunning Nude by Jonatas. Don't forget the extra sizzling Adult, Onyx Adult, and Onyx Adult Extreme Covers by artist Christian Zanier as well as a Femme Fatale Adult Cover by Matt Martin! To see the uncensored nude and adult covers, please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.

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Writer Christian Zanier, Pulido
Artist Matt Martin, Di Amorim, Raulo Caceres
Colorist Juan Rodriguez, Digikore
Letterer Jaymes Reed
Cover Artist Jonatas
Editor William Christensen