Wonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus HC #1HC

Aug 2015
Modern Age / USA / English
Hardcover / 640 pages / $75.00

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WriterGreg Potter, George Pérez
PencillerCurt Swan, John Bolton
InkerWill Blyberg, Frank McLaughlin
ColoristCarl Gafford, Tatjana Wood
LettererJohn Costanza, Todd Klein
Cover ArtistGeorge Pérez
EditorKaren Berger
WriterLen Wein
PencillerBrian Bolland, George Pérez, José Luis García-López, Ross Andru, Chis Marrinan, Art Adams
InkerJohn Bolton, Mark Farmer, George Pérez, Bob Smith, José Luis García-López, Bob McLeod, Dick Giordano, Bruce Patterson, Art Adams


This omnibus collects the first two years of George Pérez's 1980s run on WONDER WOMAN, including issues #1-24 and WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1. These stories reestablished Wonder Woman's heroic career with appearances by the gods of Olympus and villains including Cheetah and Silver Swan.