World's Finest

World's Finest Comics #262

The Power Of The Pi-Meson Man

Rel: Jan 10, 1980 - Pub: May 1980
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Dollar Comic
Comic | 64 pages | $1.00

The Power Of the Pi-Meson Man
Pincus Bridger was a scientist in charge of a radioactive experiment in Gotham City, but an accident caused him to become a Pi-Meson Man, capable of projecting his radioactive energy and manifest in different places with his physical form unseen by the normal human eye. Using his newfound powers, Bridger attempts to murder the people responsible for his accident, but unexpectedly, he is spotted by a blind girl called Betsy Pyatt. The girl is an orphan and somehow she can see the Pi-Meson Man, which an investigative reporter Lois Lane finds very curious while reporting the events on the accident caused by the Pi-Meson Man. Batman investigates the case and she goes to talk to Betsy at the orphanage, where he saves her from a building on fire. Meanwhile, Superman interrogates Bridger, but finds nothing unusual on the man. When Batman takes Betsy to safety, she tells Batman that they are being followed by the Pi-Meson Man and Batman tries to escape, but the energy follows them to the Batcave, where Batman is easily overpowered by the villain. Bridger's purpose is to kill Betsy as she is the only witness to his crime. Betsy and Batman are saved by the timely arrival of Superman, who followed the energy trail with his super vision and he takes them to the Gotham University laboratories, hoping that Bridger follows them. The Pi-Meson Man falls for Superman's trap and he is unable to escape the laboratory as he is overloaded with energy. Superman takes the chance to capture Bridger and lock him in a special lead cell, where he is unable to project his radioactive energy. Finally, the two heroes congratulate Betsy for her help in this special help and they know that her future is brighter than she imagines.

Gravitational Boom-a-Rang
Black Canary frees Green Arrow from Auntie Gravity's power with her canary cry, and then battles Auntie and her relatives, but is kayoed by a tree branch Auntie sends against her, and is kidnapped by the villains. However, the Canary later breaks free, subdues Auntie's nephews, and defeats Auntie Gravity in a power-duel.

Siren Of The Sargasso
Aquaman goes to find a senator who reportedly dove into the sea and vanished. When he arrives at the point indicated, he is lured into another dimension by a ghostly woman who firms into full materiality when the dimensional barrier is crossed. The place into which he emerges is the legendary Sargasso Sea, full of wrecked ships and the people who were on them. The woman proves to be Atlena, an Atlantean scientist who existed there at the time of the continent's sinking. She says that she created a device which was intended to shift Atlantis into the limbo-world they now inhabit, but the machine only sent her into that realm and now, still extant on Earth, the machine traps other men and women in that dimension periodically, despite Atlena's ghostly appearances intended to warn them away. The force of the whirlpool above them stops them from returning to Earth, but Aquaman is able to manage it. With the help of Mera and Aqualad, Aquaman almost manages to bring the Sargasso Sea inhabitants back to Earth, but fails. He promises to try again in the future.

The Ghost Of Adam Strange

The Captain Marvel Of 7000 B.C.
Champion, an ancient hero, travels along Captain Marvel to ancient times to defeat Evil.

Creators View all

Writer E. Nelson Bridwell, Bob Rozakis, Gerry Conway, J.M. DeMatteis, Denny O'Neil
Penciller Don Newton, Ken Landgraf, Romeo Tanghal, Joe Stanton
Inker Dan Adkins, Dave Hunt, Armando Gil, Vince Colletta, Dick Giordano
Colorist Jerry Serpe, Adrienne Roy, Gene D'Angelo
Letterer Ben Oda, Shelly Leferman
Cover Artist Ross Andru, Dick Giordano
Editor Julius Schwartz, Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack C. Harris

Characters View all

Aqualad (Garth)
Lois Lane
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Adam Strange
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Captain Marvel (Earth-S) (Billy Batson)
Black Canary (Dinah Drake-Lance)
Red Tornado (John Smith)
Hawkman (Carter Hall / Katar Hol)
Hawkman (Image) (Katar Hol)
Superman (Clark Kent / Kal-EL)
Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Auntie Gravity
Lt. Mack Morgan
Hawkgirl (Shiera Hall / Shayera Hol)
Betsy Pyatt
Pi-Meson Man (Pincus Bridger)
Senator John Lyndon
Siggy, The Seahorse
Atlena Of Atlantis
Trixie Magruder
Alanna Strange (Flashback)
Champion (Earth-S) (Shazam)
Lumiun, Patron Of Wisdom (Earth-S)
Arel, Messenger Of The Deities (Earth-S)
Voldar, Master Of Strength (Earth-S)
Elbiam, Lord Of Courage (Earth-S)
Ribalvei, Most Powerful Of Gods (Earth-S)
Marzosh, God Of Stamina (Earth-S)
Evil (Earth-S)
Laziness (Earth-S)
Greed (Earth-S)
Injustice (Earth-S)
Envy (Earth-S)
Hatred (Earth-S)
Pride (Earth-S)
Selfishness (Earth-S)
Terror (Earth-S)
Wickedness (Earth-S)