Zomibe Tramp Deluxe Edition HC #1HC-A

Collects Zombie Tramp (2014-2017) #1-12, Zombie Tramp, Volume 1

Nov 2016 / Hardcover Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Hardcover / 320 pages / $24.95

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WriterDan Mendoza, Jason Martin
ArtistDennis Budd, Anna Lencioni
ColoristJason Martin
LettererDave Dwonch, Jason Martin
Cover ArtistJaime Mendoza, TMChu
ArtistWinston Young, Victoria Harris, TMChu
LettererAdam Wollet


Janey Belle


Collects the first full year of the wildly popular ongoing series in one deluxe hardcover volume! Once escort to the stars, turned zomibe, Janey Belle wanders the highways trying to maintain the balance between her former humanity and the monster that is... Zombie Tramp! Equipped with the Necronomicon, Janey sets out to learn dark magic while encountering even darker and stranger characters on the road. COLLECTS ISSUES 1-12 of the Zombie Tramp ongoing series.