Metroid Prime

Nov 18, 2002
Shooter, FPS




Retro Studios
GC Disc | Teen


Samus first stopped the evil Space Pirates and Mother Brain from amassing an army of Metroids on the planet Zebes. Then she was called on to finish the job on SR388, ultimately ridding the universe of all but a single Metroid larva. In Super Metroid, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Samus thwarted Mother Brain's attempt to snatch the captive Metroid larva from the scientists on Ceres. Now, Samus is once again called to investigate Space Pirate activities on the unexplored Tallon IV. Her adventure begins as she enters a mysterious derelict spaceship.

  • Traverse a crippled spaceship and explore the vast worlds of Tallon IV in an all-new first-person perspective!
  • Take advantage of Samus's many powers using new suits that enable her to gain new abilities and revisit earlier worlds to uncover many hidden secrets.
  • Master Samus's combat, scan, and visors -- elements crucial to your success.
  • Explore each area to find many familiar weapons, such as the Wave Beam and Freeze Beam, and some all-new ones as well.
  • Choose the right weapon or ability carefully for the situation at hand. Samus will need to use all of the suit and visor abilities as well as many specialized weapons to navigate deadly Tallon IV!


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
045496960421 Europe USD $9.07 USD $10.07 USD $49.09
045496962401 USA USD $11.14
045496960872 USA
0045496941017 USA Player's Choice
045496390709 Europe
0045496391294 Europe
0045496390747 Europe
045496960438 USA
045496390723 Europe
045496390730 Europe
0045496960872 Europe
045496 962401 USA
045496926401 USA
045496960711 Europe
045496391249 Europe
045496391263 Europe Player's Choice
045496390716 Europe
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