Oct 30, 2018

Publisher & Developer

System 3
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Where the hell is Constructor on the Nintendo Switch?

A very good question. Well the update is as follows;

  • We have added in more than 100 new buildings. The original game only had 44.
  • A new Constructor Plus intro.
  • New levels.
  • Now comes with skyscrapers
  • Improved game play over the summer version (PC, PS4 or Xbox One), the game is a sequel to Constructor 2017.
The Nintendo News channel for Constructor Plus will launch in mid-December. We will also release the new trailer update over the original trailer.

Building just got bigger.

Take on the role of a budding property tycoon who must do battle with your competitors to create a thriving and profitable city.. in ANY way you see fit! This includes not only the speedy building of houses and factories, but also having to cope with the incessant demands of your tenants as well as keeping a whole bunch of UNDESIRABLE characters under control! This 'colourful' group of degenerates can, however, also be used against the competition with humorous and catastrophic effect!

The use of these undesirable elements is one of the core game mechanics. Whether you're terrorizing the neighbourhood with Thugs, sending a group of Hippies to picket enemy factories, letting Mr Fixit 'repair' the enemies' gas and electrics fittings, or whether you take the big decision to involve The Mob in your business, there are countless ways to help your competitors fail in a spectacular fashion!

  • Streamlined user interface for ease of control - the best RTS control system yet on console
  • In-depth playable tutorial to guide the player
  • Play against your mates online with up to 4 players or against the computer
  • Amazing re-imagined graphics plus a huge array of new features and new buildings!
  • Town Designer module - Create your own cities with different scenarios, share with friends and challenge players online


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