Lost Ember


Publisher & Developer

Mooneye Studios


Explore a breathtakingly beautiful world that nature has claimed back from mankind. As a wolf with the power to inhabit and control other animals and with a trusted companion at your side, you\'ll discover ruins of long forgotten civilizations and ancient cultures that tell a story of hope, loss, ambition and failure.

Your main character will be the wolf. Majestic, fast and agile, he is perfect to run through the woods, explore the world and hunt down all the other animals he encounters.

When the wolf encounters other creatures, he can inhabit them, and act as them, using their unique abilities to go to places the wolf never could. Take flight over the canopy as a parrot, dive into the depths of the sea as a fish, or dig underground as a mole, there are many ways to discover your environment.

Only by inhabiting these creatures can you uncover the dark secrets behind the fall of Machu Kila! Once a great capital city, the cradle of the Inrahsi people now lies in ruins, its majestic temples and glorious civic buildings enshrined by nature itself.

Reveal the fate of the people of Machu Kila and get to know the characters behind its fall.

Featuring Music and Sound by Craig Conner, Music Director for the entire GTA series and more, and Will Morton, former Dialogue Supervisor & Senior Sound Designer at Rockstar North.