Sam & Max

Sam & Max: Season Two

Mar 09, 2010




Telltale Games


Everyone's favourite freelance police return for five more escapades crammed with the surreal stories and offbeat jokes that make these games instant adventure classics.

The season starts with a giant battle robot attack and never lets up, taking our valiant crime-fighters on a gut-wrenching mission from the North Pole to Easter Island, from outer space to Hell and back.

Special features! Experience hours of special features and behind-the-scenes goodies that rival any TV series boxed set on the market today. Hear commentary from the team who made the games. Peek behind the scenes at the game design process through concept art and designer notes. And if you're a savvy viewer, you may even uncover some surprises...

  • All five Season Two game episodes
  • Includes a collectors DVD with great content as; a concept art gallery, 12 desktop wallpapers, a MP3 soundtrack sampler, production notes from
  • members of design team, a brand new outtake reel
  • Everything in a nice packaging, desinged by Steve Puchell


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
894515001054 USD $1.99