Drive Girls

Jun 13, 2017


Rising Star


Vita Card


In a world where humans can transform into automobiles, the Drive Girls are ready to hit the road and save the day!

Play as five different Drive Girls and transform from superheroine to supercar and back again, as you smash through wave after wave of mechanised Bug enemies attacking your home of Sun Island.

An action and driving hack 'n' slash hybrid, Drive Girls features an epic single player campaign as well as local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

  • An experience straight out of Japan; enjoy the dialogue and story scenes, and watch the Drive Girls get to know each other better.
  • Transform from supergirl to supercar, chain moves to unleash devastating attacks and let loose with Over Drive attacks to light up the screen with Bug-punishing pyrotechnics.
  • Loaded with content! Single player campaign mode and modes for up to four players in online and local multiplayer.
  • Upgrade, tune and customise your heroines with new parts and statboosting decals.


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
853736006439 USA USD $15.37 USD $17.93 USD $19.97