Drive Girls

Rising Star / Lightweight / Jun 09, 2017



Drive Girls is a 3D fighting action game featuring playable girl characters that can transform into fighting and driving forms. Players will be able to make use of both attack actions and car actions while battling an insect-type robot army.

— In Fighting Form, you can unleash combo attacks on your enemies using weapons.
— In Driving Form, you can move at high speeds and attack using the car's body.

Customization with Stickers
By using the currency you acquire in the game, you can buy stickers to attach to your car. In addition to decorating your vehicle, you can also get set bonuses by stat boosts and combinations.

— There are five points you can place stickers on your car. Depending on the combination, you can even customize your car to be painted with anime characters.
— The stickers you place are also reflected on your human form.

Cast Off System
When you take damage from enemies, your parts will come off. As your HP falls lower and lower, you'll enter a more dangerous state.

Through ad-hoc and Internet play, one to four players can play together with their customized characters.

Characters and Voice Cast
Character design is by popular illustrator UGUME, and the game will have a full scenario and be fully voiced.


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