8-Bit Hordes

Feb 01, 2019




Blu-ray Disc


8-Bit Hordes is a fantasy themed RTS in which players can storm castles, slay dragons and raid haunted cemeteries. There are two factions to battle with: The daunting Orcs and their undead allies of the DeathSworn, or the brave elves, humans and dwarves of the Lightbringers.

Cross-title Multiplayer
Unlike any other console game, all three games in the 8-Bit RTS Series allow for cross-title Multiplayer. This means that players can combine the different factions and maps, battling with fiery dragons against flying saucers and massive tanks. The new trailer gives an impression of what it looks like when these three totally different worlds come to an annihilating clash!


  • Fight cross-title battles between Armies, Hordes and Invaders!

  • Jump right into battle with an easy controller scheme

  • Conquer an array of Singleplayer missions and campaigns

  • Team up and play with or against your friends in Multiplayer

  • Enjoy epic soundtracks by legendary music composer Frank Klepacki


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