Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!

Jun 09, 2017


NIS Europe


Nippon Ichi Software
Blu-ray Disc


Set in Japan's Sengoku Era, you wake up in the mysterious land of Arcanus Cella where the souls of the dead gather as they await reincarnation. However, some souls have unfinished business that needs to be settled before they can reincarnate. As the player, you will assist these souls by traveling to real-world locations in feudal Japan and fighting your way through dangerous dungeons filled with monsters and traps.

  • Pixel-Perfect Customization - Design your character's appearance and equipment down to the individual pixel with the pixel editor! Once you're done, share the data to let other players add them to their own game!
  • Magic Circle Power - With the Magic Circle system, your allies can empower and protect your character! Assign artifacts and arrange them into formations to maximize your power and abilities.


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
813633018638 USD $16.07 USD $21.09 USD $23.00