Feb 28, 2019


EuroVideo Medien


Blu-ray Disc


Fimbul is an isometric hack 'n' slash adventure with a low-fi/comicbook aesthetic, and a lot of very big and ornery trolls to stab during the Fimbul Winter, the last big freeze before Ragnarök.

Players delve into the world of nordic legends as they fight through Fimbul Winter to avert the approaching Ragnarök. FIMBUL – an atmospherically visualized comic action adventure that plays in the last winter before Ragnarök – the Fimbul Winter. As the hero Kveldulver, players seek for Yrding and stop the imminent end time. Fimbul is the story of a dying earth, inspired by nordic saga.


  • Intense viking battles and deep story

  • Complex but easy to learn weapon system

  • Allied vikings are needed to stand against giant trolls

  • With the help of ancient items, players can fight powerful Jutons, a race of giants who are older than the gods themselves

  • The Tree of Timelines takes players to any point in time and enables them to experience moments that decided their own fate – or choose another path


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