Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

May 26, 2017


Aksys Games


Arc Systems Work
Blu-ray Disc


Guilty Gear represents the absolute pinnacle in fighting games thanks to its jaw-dropping visuals and art direction. Critics agree that nothing comes close to the speed, beauty and artistry of the Guilty Gear series. Every character is completely unique - offering a hugely diverse mix of wildly flamboyant fighting styles. Guilty Gear also packs in the content, with an amazing Story Mode, the best tutorials in the business for new players - while offering plenty more modes and an unmatched online system for lag free online play. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 is hands down one of the best fighting experiences of this generation.

  • Incredible, fully animated story mode that's like watching an anime!
  • Every charactrer has their own story to enjoy.
  • Expanded story mode to include Jam, Kum, Raven, Dizzy, Answer and Baiken!
  • The most stunning fighter in the genre - with incredible artwork brougt to life with Unreal Engine.
  • Two new characters, Baiken and Answer enter the fray!
  • Total of 25 characters making this the biggest in the Xrd series to date.
  • Total rebalancing of the mechanics as well as introducing new moves to all characters.
  • Brand new, beautifully designed stages to frame your battles.
  • Online multiplayer returns with its amazing customisable lobbies!


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
853736006323 USA USD $30.00 USD $28.04 USD $34.07