SIEE / Housemarque / Aug 15, 2017



MATTERFALL™... Use extreme agility and high powered weapons to blast enemies and make-or-break the world itself.

From Housemarque OY, the creators of RESOGUN™, Super Stardust: Delta™, Dead Nation™ and Super Stardust HD™, and XDEV Studio Europe comes MATTERFALL™, a new fast paced and high tech, retro inspired action game, developed exclusively for the PlayStation®4.


  • Survive a unique combination of platforming and bullet hell action within a massively vertical futuristic city that is being overrun by the mysterious "Smart Matter".
  • Manipulate "Smart Matter" to turn the environment to your advantage.
  • Master extreme aerial agility, sliding, leaping, and blasting to take down hordes of enemies.
  • Experiment with augmented weapons as you explore landmark locations known as the Domed City, Alien Ruins and The Space Elevator.
  • Engage in local co-op and competitive gameplay modes, comparing kills, scores and statistics against other players.


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