The Inpatient

Jan 24, 2018
Survival Horror




SuperMassive Games
Blu-ray Disc


Open your eyes… and prepare yourself for the dread of unforgettable psychological horror. Set 60 years before the nerve-shredding events of PS4 smash hit Until Dawn, you awaken in a strange medical facility, with no memory. It's up to you to discover why you're trapped within Blackwood Pines Sanatorium – and uncover a chilling conspiracy lurking within its shadows.

Feel every spine-tingling moment as PS VR puts you in the heart of the horror with a full body model showing your legs, arms and hands on-screen – while innovative voice controls means your character says what you want.

Make meaningful choices in a branching narrative that leads to different endings as you try to figure out who you are, and why you're here. But in a world where you can barely trust your own memories… how can you truly trust anyone else?


  • Feel the terror of a horrifying tale
    With vivid flashbacks helping to lurch toward the revelation of who you truly are, steel your nerves for a sinister plot lurking within a rich – and chilling – backstory.
  • Choose your path in the branching narrative
    Every choice counts as the consequences of your actions trickle through the story – affecting not just you, but also for the lives of those around you…
  • Express yourself through innovative voice controls
    Step into the tattered shoes of the main character with terrifying realism, thanks to voice control, gender choice and a fully realised body model which lets you see your persona's legs, arms and hands. Truly feel like you're in the Sanatorium…

PlayStation VR required
PS4 Pro Enhanced
1 Player


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711719510574 USD $8.86 USD $9.11 USD $19.41