Time Carnage

Apr 06, 2018




Wales Interactive
Blu-ray Disc


Time Carnage is a VR survival shooter for PSVR. Play as a trophy hunter as you traverse through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with zombies, robots, monsters and prehistoric beasts. Armed with an arsenal of guns, flamethrowers and time-stopping grenades, it's time for the carnage to begin.

Unlock and collect an armoury of over 25 spine-shattering weapons including the AM Rifle, the double barrel Thump-Gun and the SOTA precision laser bow. Play the tiered Campaign Mode or Custom Arcade Mode to expand and upgrade your arsenal and immerse yourself in post-apocalyptic worlds, overrun jungles and medieval ice lands.


  • Time Travel - Travel through time to hunt in 5 different time periods
  • Wreak Havoc - Wreak Havoc through worlds swarming with zombies, robots, monsters and prehistoric beasts
  • Weapons - Vast Arsenal of weapons including Baseball Bat, Pulser Laser Pistol, 5" Revolver, M4 Carbine, Kalashnikov Rifle, Auto Bullpup Rifle, Double Barrel Thump-Gun, Pump Action Shotgun, Anti-Material Rifle, Six-Barrel Minigun, Flamethrower & Time Grenade.
  • Sound - Atmospheric and high-quality 3D sound for an immersive experience.


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