Sports Fest


Hudson Entertainment




Sports Fest represents the most diverse and challenging collection of events to date. Furthermore, the new game also centres on the competitive element of sporting endeavour, with an all-new 'League' system allowing teams of up to six players to use their various abilities to take on rival teams. As such, using the game's online capabilities, teams can select their strongest competitor for each event, creating fierce rivalry as each team plays their various strengths to rise up the League Table.

Sports Fest is further enhanced via compatibility with the Wii Motion Plus add-on, and this added a stunning level of control to each of the ten events. Each event has a dual-level control system designed to offer total control and accuracy, with one for novices and a second, more complex system aimed at more experienced entrants. As such, the likes of Volleyball offers every receive, toss and spike of the real thing, while Lacrosse recreates the skill and pace of the sport with slick movement, and quick shakes of the Wii Remote used to effect rapid passes and shots.

The various sports allow between one and four players to participate simultaneously, with the aforementioned Volleyball and Lacrosse, plus Fencing, supporting two players, while Racquetball, Air Race, Giant Slalom, Half-Pipe Showboarding, Freestyle Kayaking, Spring Diving, and Logging all allow up to four-players to participate. In keeping with the competitive emphasis that has set the series apart, Hudson Soft has set up an online Ranking Board will also allow users to see how they rate in each event against their online adversaries.