4D Man

Image (1959)
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 25min

Two brothers, scientists Scott and Tony Nelson, develop an amplifier which enables a person to enter a 4th dimensional state, allowing him to pass through any object. Scott experiments on himself and discovers that each time he passes through something he ages rapidly. He begins killing people, sucking out their life energies and regaining his youth as a result.

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Robert Lansing Scott Nelson
Lee Meriwether Linda Davis
James Congdon Tony Nelson
Robert Strauss Roy Parker
Edgar Stehli Dr. Theodore W. Carson
Patty Duke Marjorie Sutherland
Guy Raymond Fred
Chic James B-girl
Elbert Smith Capt. Rogers
George Karas Sgt. Todaman
Jasper Deeter Mr. Welles
John Benson Reporter
Dean Newman Dr. Brian Schwartz
George Kara Sergeant Todaman

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Director Irvin Yeaworth
Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr.
Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
Writer Jack H. Harris, Theodore Simonson, Cy Chermak
Producer Jack H. Harris, Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr., Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr., Jack H. Harris
Photography Theodore J. Pahle
Musician Ralph Carmichael


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
014381659924 DVD 1 Mar 14, 2000
827421033505 DVD 1 Apr 10, 2018
8017229467257 DVD 2 2009
4250578599994 DVD