A Strange Adventure

Republic Pictures (1956)
Drama, Crime
USA | English | Color | 1h 10min

A trio of thieves make their getaway by kidnapping a young hot-rodder, and take over a mountain cabin for a hideout after overpowering its occupants.

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Joan Evans Terry Dolgin
Ben Cooper Harold Norton
Marla English Lynn Novak
Jan Merlin Al Kutner
Nick Adams Phil Davis
Peter Miller Luther Dolgin
Paul Smith Carl Johnson
Emlen Davies Mildred Norton
Frank Wilcox The Public Defender
Thomas Browne Henry Criminal Attorney
John Maxwell Insurance Company Representative
Steve Wayne Western Union Messenger
Wendell Niles Broadcaster
John Pickard
Jack Shea
Ken Terrell Armored Car Guard
Al Wyatt Sr.

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Director William Witney
Writer Houston Branch
Producer William J. O'Sullivan, William J. O'Sullivan
Photography Bud Thackery
Musician R. Dale Butts


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
738329226763 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jul 24, 2018
738329226756 DVD 1 Jul 24, 2018