Ackley Bridge

Ackley Bridge: Season 2

Acorn Media (2017)

The merging of two schools causes plenty of problems for headmistress Mandy who has to deal with explosive fall-outs and problem pupils.

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Liz White Emma Keane
Lorraine Cheshire Lorraine Bird
Tony Jayawardena Rashid Hyatt
Poppy Lee Friar Missy Booth
Sunetra Sarker Kaneez Paracha
Fern Deacon Chloe Voyle
Amy-Leigh Hickman Nasreen Paracha
Zain Khan Zain Younis
Tom Varey Will Simpson
Nathan Green Neil Sykes
Cody Ryan Hayley Booth
Abdullah Shahid Mo Ahktar
Arbaz Rashid Waqar Abdelrahman
Chloe Lumb Shannon Burns
India Parsan Tahira Abad
Harry Lodge Dan Fairfax
Amina Arslan Amina Mir
Safiya Mardiyah Aneesa Sahota
Jo Joyner Mandy Carter
Adil Ray Sadiq Nawaz
Sam Retford Cory Wilson
Nazmeen Kauser Razia Paracha
Adam Fielding Aaron Turner
Maariah Hussain Alya Nawaz
Gurjeet Singh Naveed Haider

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Director Penny Woolcock
Robert Quinn
Tina Gharavi
Joe Stephenson
Writer Malcolm Campbell, Ayub Khan-Din, Lisa Holdsworth, Richard Davidson, Stephen Russell, Kevin Erlis, Perrie Balthazar, Matt Evans, Ishy Din, Faryal, Natalie Mitchell, Maya Sondhi
Producer George Faber, Ayub Khan-Din, Hugo Heppell, Matthew Hamilton, Peter Hampden, Norman Merry, George Ormond, Alexander Lamb
Photography David Rom, Andrew McDonnell, Stil Williams, Robin Whenary, Sergio Delgado
Musician Tim Phillips

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1 Episode 1 45 min | Jun 04, 2018

Nas has agreed to a sham engagement to Naveed - who is also in the closet. However, reeling from the discovery of a family secret, she struggles to continue the lie and emotions run high at the family engagement dinner. Mandy is under pressure from Sadiq as both the Year 7 intake and exam results have plummeted, forcing her to instigate a strict academic regimen that causes uproar among staff and students alike.

2 Episode 2 45 min | Jun 11, 2018

It is the day of baby Jamie's christening, and ashamed of Cory's lack of interest, Jordan promises to pay for half. However, when the Murgatroyds splash out, Jordan can't deliver his side of the cash. Meanwhile, Mandy gets jealous over Steve when his ex Claire turns up at the school, but is it too late for their relationship?

3 Episode 3 45 min | Jun 18, 2018

Still reeling from the revelation of Iqbal's secret family, Kaneez confronts the other woman and decides she wants to take her life back. When Rashid asks her out on a date, Kaneez realises she needs to put her happiness first for once. Meanwhile, Sadiq and Mandy want more diversity in the school play, and Emma and Sami's affair is galvanised when he helps her convince the Asian pupils to audition for the new production.

4 Episode 4 45 min | Jun 25, 2018

Sami is riddled with guilt over his affair, so when he discovers Jordan is working for Khadim, he seeks redemption by getting him off the streets and into boxing. However, when Khadim refuses to let Jordan go, Sami is forced to confront his vengeful childhood friend. Meanwhile, Nas is encouraged by Missy to go on a date with a girl, but when she comes on too strong, Nas freaks out and calls for backup from Missy and Aaron. Elsewhere, Alya is furious when she learns that Will is covering her A-level biology classes.

5 Episode 5 45 min | Jul 02, 2018

Desperate to find a girlfriend, Nas downloads a dating app and, after fending off a series of unsuitable women, falls for a beautiful young girl called Sameera - only for Missy to discover it is Kaneez catfishing Nas as a way of reconnecting with her daughter. Meanwhile, Mandy persuades Steve to interview for the Deputy Head role and Emma and the students are still reeling from tragic events.

6 Episode 6 45 min | Jul 09, 2018

Missy has never had a real relationship, so when Aaron tells her he loves her, she reacts badly. Her worst views of men are confirmed when a message stream circulates around school revealing Riz and Hayley's sexual relationship. Meanwhile, Mandy is embarrassed by having to call Sadiq and his wife in to discuss Riz's behaviour.

7 Episode 7 45 min | Jul 16, 2018

Nas falls for the feisty Sam Murgatroyd, but discovers their families and backgrounds put them completely at odds. Meanwhile, Missy and Hayley are heartbroken when Simone relapses, and Mandy is forced to suspend Steve.

8 Episode 8 45 min | Jul 23, 2018
9 Episode 9 45 min | Jul 30, 2018

While Alya lives a life of privilege, Cory's family have fallen apart and he has to visit a food bank. Nas gets caught in the crossfire of a fight between Sam and Razia, leaving her to choose between her secret girlfriend and her sister.

10 Episode 10 45 min | Aug 06, 2018
11 Episode 11 45 min | Aug 13, 2018
12 Episode 12 45 min | Aug 20, 2018


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054961266593 DVD 1 Feb 12, 2019