Amazing Movies (1990)
Science Fiction, Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 33min

Kol is an evil guy about to be executed on a distant spaceship. He manages to escape on a shuttle and make his way to some woods in America. The commander of the spaceship decides to send out The Alienator to execute Kol at all costs. Kol meets up with some teens and Ward Armstrong and together they all try not to get killed by the pursuing Woman of Death - The Alienator.


Jan-Michael Vincent Commander
John Phillip Law Ward Armstrong
P.J. Soles Tara

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Director Fred Olen Ray
Writer Paul Garson
Producer Jeffrey B. Mallian, Dan Q. Kennis, Jeffrey C. Hogue, Tom Howard


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
826663176193 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jun 13, 2017
5030462046204 DVD Free Sep 26, 2005
5030462012469 DVD Aug 20, 2001