Alone We Fight

Wandering Dragon Productions (2018)
Drama, War
USA | English | Color | 1h 31min

Facing mounting odds, a small but determined band of American soldiers venture into dangerous enemy territory on a mission to stop an advancing German unit from breaking through the Allied line.

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Aidan Bristow Sergeant Gregory Falcone
Matthew James McCarthy Private Michael 'Boston' O'Reilly
Corbin Bernsen Colonel Bradley Armstrong
Johnny Messner Captain Hank Kedry
Lara Thomas Ducey Lt. Lorraine
Kate Conway Lt. Jackie
Philip Nathanael Private Benjamin Archer
Adam Elliott Davis Private David Goldman
Airisa Durand Lt. Sasha
Peter 'Drago' Tiemann SS Commander / German Mechanic / SS Soldier
Anthony Bowman German Sniper / German Machine Gunner / US Commander
Barry Saxberg Colonel Aide / Allied Soldier / US Medic / SS Soldier / Wounded Soldier
Jeff Mendenhall Allied Soldier / SS Soldier / Wounded Soldier
Ryan Spickard German Soldier / German Mechanic
Jason L Lowe German Soldier
Dennis Cater Allied Soldier / SS Soldier
T.J. Brossard SS Soldier / German Soldier / Wounded Soldier
Sage Anthony German Soldier
Andrew Garrettson Allied Soldier
John Norman German Mortar Team / German Soldier / Allied Soldier
Jack Norman German Mortar Team / German Soldier / Allied Soldier / Wounded Soldier
Chris Kizanis German Mortar Team / SS Soldier
Steve Greenberg Tank Driver
Joe Ford US Medic
Ryan McGee Allied Soldier / US Medic

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Director Justin Lee
Writer Justin Lee
Producer Andrew Garrettson, Peter 'Drago' Tiemann, Lara Thomas Ducey, Amanda 'Rae' Jones, Jason L Lowe, James Pendleton, Ryan Spickard
Photography Justin Janowitz
Musician Jared Forman


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
043396549074 Blu-ray 1 Nov 06, 2018
043396547339 DVD 1 Nov 06, 2018