Alpha And Omega: Journey To Bear Kingdom

Lions Gate (2017)

Animation, Adventure
USA / English / 44 mins
IMDb 4.3

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Kate Higgins Kate/Stinky
Ben Diskin Humphrey
Debi Derryberry Runt
Marieve Herington Claudette
Christopher Corey Smith Paddy/Marcel/King/Louis/Claw
Erin Fitzgerald Queen
G.K. Bowes Princess Canue/Magpie
Joshua Tomar Strom/King Rogue/Evan
Xander Mobus Beast
Michelle Souza Rogue 1/Donna
Cindy Robinson Marge/Eve
John Eric Bentley Winston
Richard Gordon Brent/Fleet/Vernon
Mela Lee Agnes

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Tim Maltby
Producer Steve Rosen, Andrew Tight, Mike Young, Ken Katsumoto, Liz Young



When the Queen Bear and her daughter, Princess Canue, visit the Eastern Valley an epic war breaks out -- Rogue Wolves versus the Western Pack and the Bear Army. Now, it's up to Stinky, Claudette, and Runt to help Princess Canue return home to regain control of her kingdom.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
031398260479 1 2017-05-09