American Exorcist

South Fellini (2016)
Comedy, Horror
USA | English | Color | 1h 30min

A paranormal investigator, trapped in a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve. The skeptical young woman, Georgette Dubois, is horrified once confronted with the reality of the supernatural. She risks life and limb to escape her ghoulish prison, stranded on the 11th floor.

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Bill Moseley Mr. Snowfeather
John Bolaris Ian Cunningham
Gemma McIlhenny Party Goer
Jo Anna Van Thuyne Bud's Wife
Alexa Marie Santy The Possessed
Falon Joslyn Georgette DuBois
John McKeever Angry Office Worker
Leanna Billings Party Goer
Liz Wagner Bud's Secretary
Alison Crozier René DuBois
Kris Ballerini Office Victim
Beverly Rivera Phone Zombie
Jeff Orens Bud Elwood
Paul Triggiani Barfing Zombie
Kent Hertzog Doctor 2
Billy Strachan Office Victim
James Trovarello Father of the Possessed
Kevin Hynes Heaven Lee
Tom Hannah Arms from Hell
Nafeesa Cannon Party goer
Ryan Hunter Doctor 1
N.A. Poe Arms from Hell
Andrew J. Kind Alex
Koof Ibi Umoren Arms from Hell
Natalia Herzog Arms from Hell


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
812034031741 Blu-ray 1 Oct 30, 2018
812034031734 DVD 1 Oct 30, 2018