As Time Goes By: Series 2

BBC (1993)

UK / English / 210 mins
IMDb 8.3


Judi Dench Jean
Geoffrey Palmer Lionel


Sydney Lotterby
Writer Bob Larbey
Producer Sydney Lotterby
Photography Chris Wadsworth
Musician Joe Fagin


Army officer Lionel Hardcastle and nurse Jean Pargeter had a three-month affair in 1953. After Lionel is posted to Korea, the two lose touch when Lionel's letter to Jean fails to get delivered. Thirty-eight years later, they meet again. A sweetly charming situation comedy that ran for nine seasons. Best enjoyed with your feet up and with a cup of tea and some custard tarts at your side.


Episode 1: White Hunter

30 min Jan 10, 1993
Lionel is nervous regarding an upcoming photo shoot for the cover of his book. Despite advice from Jean and Judith that whatever helps sell the book is worth it, Lionel is completely taken aback by what Alistair has in mind.
Director: Sydney Lotterby
Writer: Bob Larbey
Guest starring: Andrew Barclay, Jane Robbins, Cherry Gilham, Nigel Fan, Jonathan Copestake, Kwong Loke

Episode 2: A Weekend Away

30 min Jan 17, 1993
Jean is put on the spot when Judith goes away for the weekend, and the house is left empty. She is somewhat flustered with all the suggestive comments regarding her and Lionel, and makes a fool of herself.
Director: Sydney Lotterby
Writer: Bob Larbey
Guest starring: Harry Jones

Episode 3: Visiting Rocky

30 min Jan 24, 1993
Lionel takes Jean to see his eccentric father Rocky, the complete opposite of Lionel's gruff self.
Writer: Bob Larbey

Episode 4: Why?

30 min Jan 31, 1993
Lionel wonders why Alistair, a rich, successful publisher would be interested in publishing Lionel's less-than-blockbuster book.
Director: Sydney Lotterby
Writer: Bob Larbey
Guest starring: Dennis Ramsden, Arthur Whybrow

Episode 5: Misunderstandings

30 min Feb 07, 1993
During a weekend at Jean's sister-in-law's house, Jean and Lionel invent more and more ridiculous claims to cover-up their romance thirty-eight years ago.
Writer: Bob Larbey

Episode 6: The Cruise

30 min Feb 14, 1993
Jean becomes angry when Lionel invites her along on a cruise as a 'freebie'.
Director: Sydney Lotterby
Writer: Bob Larbey
Guest starring: Dean Harris

Episode 7: The Book Signing

30 min Feb 21, 1993
The book is finally published, and Lionel begins a nationwide book-signing tour.
Guest starring: Miranda Forbes, Janet Dale


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