Bates Motel

Bates Motel: Season 1

Universal Television (2013)
Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Mystery
USA | English | Color | 1h

After the death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel in the picturesque coastal town of White Pine Bay, giving herself and teenage son Norman a chance to begin anew. Shy Norman is reluctant at first, but with the help of his mother -- with whom he shares an intensely close relationship -- the boy begins to open up to others and make new friends. Some locals, however, aren't as friendly and welcoming to the Bates, who discover that because White Pine Bay isn't as peaceful as it appears, they are forced to do whatever it takes to survive.

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1 First You Dream, Then You Die 60 min | Mar 18, 2013

Widow Norma Bates and her shy teenage son, Norman, seek a fresh start in a coastal town filled with secrets; the arrival of an unexpected guest turns the Bates' lives upside down.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Anthony Cipriano, Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Diana Bang, Richard Harmon, Jenna Romanin, Brittney Wilson
2 Nice Town You Picked, Norma... 60 min | Mar 25, 2013

Dylan immediately begins causing trouble; the Bates are drawn into the secrets surrounding White Pine Bay.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Richard Harmon, Aliyah O'Brien, Jenna Romanin, Brittney Wilson
3 What's Wrong with Norman 60 min | Mar 31, 2013

Dylan learns there is more to his new job than he originally thought; Emma and Norman make a shocking discovery.

Director: Paul Edwards
Writer: Jeff Wadlow
Guest stars: Scott Patey
4 Trust Me 60 min | Apr 07, 2013

Norma deals with distractions as her suspicions grow about certain town residents.

Director: Johan Renck
Writer: Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Diana Bang
5 Ocean View 60 min | Apr 14, 2013

Norma receives some much-needed help, while Norman desperately awaits his mother's return home; Emma and Norman follow more clues, leading to a big discovery.

Director: David Straiton
Writer: Jeff Wadlow
Guest stars: Diana Bang
6 The Truth 60 min | Apr 21, 2013

Dylan asks Norman to move in with him; Norma warns Emma that some things are best kept to themselves.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse, Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Diana Bang
7 The Man in Number 9 60 min | Apr 28, 2013

The Bates Motel welcomes its first guest; Norman learns that popular girls come with many complications.

Director: S.J. Clarkson, SJ Clarkson
Writer: Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Jere Burns, Jenna Romanin, Brittney Wilson
8 A Boy and His Dog 60 min | May 05, 2013

A mysterious stranger causes problems for Norma; Bradley is not happy when rumors spread at school; Dylan and Remo go on a fateful road trip; Norman takes up a grisly hobby.

Director: Ed Bianchi
Writer: Bill Balas
Guest stars: Jere Burns, Keegan Connor Tracy, Brittney Wilson, Jenna Romanin, Emmalyn Estrada, Farrah Aviva
9 Underwater 60 min | May 12, 2013

Abernathy increases the pressure; Bradley and Dylan connect; Miss Watson encourages Norman's active imagination; Emma takes a trip.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse, Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Jere Burns, Mercedes de la Zerda, Alexander Calvert, Keegan Connor Tracy, Keenan Tracey
10 Midnight 60 min | May 19, 2013

Romero decides to take action; Norman brings Emma to the dance; Norman gets a ride home from Miss Watson.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse, Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Jere Burns, Nestor Carbonell, Hiro Kanagawa, Keegan Connor Tracy, Richard Harmon, Emmalyn Estrada, Jenna Romanin, Brittney Wilson, Jillian Fargey, D. Harlan Cutshall, Farrah Aviva


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