Bates Motel

Bates Motel: Season 4

Universal (2013)
Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Mystery
USA | English | Color | 7h 19min

After the death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel in the picturesque coastal town of White Pine Bay, giving herself and teenage son Norman a chance to begin anew. Shy Norman is reluctant at first, but with the help of his mother -- with whom he shares an intensely close relationship -- the boy begins to open up to others and make new friends. Some locals, however, aren't as friendly and welcoming to the Bates, who discover that because White Pine Bay isn't as peaceful as it appears, they are forced to do whatever it takes to survive.

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Vera Farmiga Norma Bates
Michael O'Neill Nick Ford
Freddie Highmore Norman Bates
Mike Vogel Zack Shelby
Brooke Smith Dana Greene
Michael Eklund Zane Morgan
Max Thieriot Dylan Massett
Nestor Carbonell Sheriff Alex Romero
Austin Nichols Sam Loomis
Michael Vartan George Heldens
Marshall Allman Julian Howe
Kathleen Robertson Jodi Morgan
Ian Tracey Remo Wallace
Keegan Connor Tracy Blaire Watson
Nicola Peltz Bradley Martin

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Director Tucker Gates
Writer Robert Bloch
Producer Cory Bird
Photography John Bartley
Musician Chris Bacon

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1 A Danger to Himself and Others 45 min | Mar 07, 2016

As the fourth season opens, Norma searches for Norman, who finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings. Dylan waits for news about Emma while Romero gets a surprising proposition.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse
Guest stars: Elizabeth Greer, Karin Konoval, Karina Logue, Fiona Vroom
2 Goodnight, Mother 45 min | Mar 14, 2016

Norma and Norman each suspect the other in a terrible deed; Dylan contemplates his future with Emma; Romero makes a choice that drastically impacts the Bates family.

Director: Tim Southam
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Torrey Speer
Guest stars: Karina Logue, Fiona Vroom, Hannah Levien, Elizabeth Weinstein
3 'Til Death Do You Part 45 min | Mar 21, 2016

Norma and Romero takes a big step together; Norman attempts to accept his new surroundings; Dylan tries to shed old business.

Director: Phil Abraham
Writer: Steve Kornacki, Alyson Evans
Guest stars: Kelly-Ruth Mercier, Jaime Ray Newman, Catherine Barroll, Anna Hagan
4 Lights of Winter 45 min | Mar 27, 2016

Norman and his new friend have an adventure; Norma experiences her first taste of real happiness in some time during an annual festival in White Pine Bay; Dylan becomes caught between two families.

Director: TJ Scott
Writer: Tom Szentgyorgyi
Guest stars: Alexia Fast, Jaime Ray Newman, Mercedes Gendron, Aliyah O'Brien
5 Refraction 45 min | Apr 03, 2016

Norman tries to confide in Dr. Edwards, but worries he may reveal too much. Also: Norma hires a craftsman to fix a window and Romero uncovers a crime that threatens his new life.

Director: Sarah Boyd
Writer: Erica Lipez
Guest stars: Jaime Ray Newman
6 The Vault 45 min | Apr 10, 2016

Norman uncovers painful truths as his therapy progresses; Norma works to prevent a secret from being revealed; Romero assists an old friend despite the risk to his career.

Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi
Writer: Scott Kosar
Guest stars: Jaime Ray Newman, Victoria Cruz, Kelly-Ruth Mercier
7 There's No Place Like Home 45 min | Apr 17, 2016

Norman returns home after making an unanticipated discovery; Norma takes on new projects; Dylan's search for Emma's mother leads to disturbing results.

Director: Nestor Carbonell
Writer: Philip Buiser
Guest stars: Kelly-Ruth Mercier, Jaime Ray Newman, Fiona Vroom, Aliyah O'Brien
8 Unfaithful 45 min | Apr 24, 2016

Norma is torn between Norman and Romero; during a holiday outing, Norman comes to the realization that everyone has changed while he was away.

Director: Stephen Surjik
Writer: Freddie Highmore
Guest stars: Jaime Ray Newman, Sian Sladen, Anika Noni Rose
9 Forever 45 min | May 01, 2016

Norman plans a special event for Norma; Romero faces pressure due to his actions; and Dylan considers reaching out to Norman.

Director: Tim Southam
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse
Guest stars: Jaime Ray Newman, Carmen Moore, Aliyah O'Brien, Kelly-Ruth Mercier
10 Norman 45 min | May 08, 2016

Norman plans a special event for Norma; Romero faces pressure due to his actions; and Dylan considers reaching out to Norman.

Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Kerry Ehrin
Guest stars: Alison Matthews, Molly Price, Enid-Raye Adams, Lisa MacFadden, Aliyah O'Brien, Lauren Overholt, Anika Noni Rose


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