Be My Valentine: Love, Barney

HIT Entertainment (2000)
Family, Children
USA | English | Color | 56min

Love is in the air as Barney and all his friends gather to exchange cards and celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, little does Barney know, one of these cards contains a special invitation from the Queen of Hearts herself. She’s inviting everyone to come take a royal tour of Valentine Castle, where the rooms are filled with wonderful surprises. There’ll be lots of games, songs, and sweet treats along the way. And after the children give the Queen her very own card, they’ll find Barney has a surprise waiting for them when they get home.

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Director Fred Holmes
Writer Kathy Parker, Dennis DeShazer, Sheryl Leach, Sandra J. Payne
Producer Ben Vaughn, Dennis DeShazer, Linda Houston, Jim Rowley, Jeff Gittle
Musician Joseph Phillips, Bob Singleton


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
045986028570 DVD 1 Dec 26, 2000
191329066522 DVD 1 Jul 03, 2018
884487106024 DVD Jan 05, 2010