Beast From Haunted Cave

Alpha Video (1959)
Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, Crime
USA | English | Color | 1h 12min

In a skiing station in Dakota, a gang of criminals leaded by Alexander "Alex" Ward plans the heist of golden bars from a small bank. While the lover of Alex, Gypsy Boulet, goes to an isolated cabin with the ski instructor Gil Jackson, a time bomb explodes a cave to divert the attention of the locals and the gangsters steal the gold. But the explosion releases a spider-like monster and due to a storm, the group becomes trapped in Gil's cabin and threatened by the creepy beast.

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Michael Forest Gil Jackson
Sheila Noonan Gypsy Boulet
Frank Wolff Alexander Ward
Wally Campo Byron Smith
Richard Sinatra Marty Jones
Linné Ahlstrand Natalie / the bar-girl
Chris Robinson The Beast / A Bartender
Kay Jennings Jill Jackson


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
645652401937 Blu-ray
056775058494 DVD 1 Mar 20, 2001
654930301197 DVD 1 May 29, 2001 Special Edition
671196031637 DVD 1 Jan 01, 2005
887936768583 DVD 1 Dec 30, 2013
089218406194 DVD Free Oct 22, 2002 Movie-Only Edition
723721565565 DVD Jun 14, 2011
874757037790 DVD Jan 24, 2012
8033406165358 DVD