The Beast of Yucca Flats

Alpha Video (1961)
Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Action
USA | English | Color | 54min

A Russian scientist is arriving to the states caring secret information’s. Disembarking from his plane, he and his American contacts are attacked by a pair of KGB assassins (Anthony Cardoza and John Morrison). Later, it is revealed that he has wandered in range of an American nuclear test. The radiation transforms Javorsky into a mindless killing beast (the Beast)...

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Douglas Mellor Hank Radcliffe
Barbara Francis Lois Radcliffe
Bing Stafford Jim Archer
Larry Aten Joe Dobson
Linda Bielema Wife on Vacation
Ronald Francis Randy Radcliffe
Alan Francis Art Radcliffe
Anthony Cardoza KGB Driver / Helpful Neighbor
Bob Labansat Javorsky's Bodyguard
Jim Oliphant Husband on Vacation
John Morrison KGB Passenger
Eric Tomlin Driver Run off Road
Jim Miles Javorsky's Driver
George Prince Man Who Reports Murder
Conrad Brooks Man at Airfield
Graham Stafford News Boy
Tor Johnson Joseph Javorsky / The Beast
Coleman Francis Narrator / Gas Station Attendant / Man Buying Newspaper
Marcia Knight Jim's Woman
Joseph Luis Rubin Police Officer
Mary Torres Woman Strangled in Opening Scene


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
014381969627 DVD 1 Nov 13, 2001
089218428998 DVD 1 Nov 27, 2003
872322000873 DVD 1 Jan 01, 2004
671196031613 DVD 1 Jan 01, 2005