Drama, Romance
USA / English / 90 mins
IMDb 6.4

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Janine Turner Alix Miller
Jamey Sheridan Lee Crompton
Linden Ashby Mark Kramer
Shirley Broderick Mrs. Greaves
Malcolm Stewart Father McClellan
Kevin McNulty Dr. Braedon
Hal Holbrook Alexander Miller
Lossen Chambers Robin
Jenafor Ryane Danitra
Kett Turton Sean


Jerry London
Writer Susan Wilson, Selma Thompson
Producer Michelle Maxwell MacLaren, Mark Israel


Alix Miller arrives at the isolated Crompton mansion in New Hampshire to paint the portrait of the mysterious Leland Crompton. When they meet, she discovers that he is horribly disfigured from a disease called acromegaly. Nevertheless, friendship, romance, and a deeper understanding develop between the two.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
096009164843 1 2017-06-06