Beyblade: Season 1

Sony (2002)
Animation, Family, Anime, Action
Japan | English | Color | 2h 10min

Beyblade is an anime series about a group of kids battling with highly powerful spinning tops enchanted with sacred Bit-Beasts or spirits of mythical ideaology. The show focuses on the battles between Beyblading teams as they compete to become the world champions. The main characters are the Bladebreakers, a team consisting of Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon, Max Tate and Daichi Sumeragi.

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David Reale Kai
Alex Hood Kenny
Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin Tyson Granger
Gage Knox Max Tate
Julie Lemieux Dizzi / Mariah
Daniel DeSanto Ray
Susan Roman Oliver
Raoul Bhaneja DJ Jazzman
William Colgate Mr. Dickenson
Julie Zwillich French Boy A
Eric Woolfe A.J. Topper
Mark Dailey Brad Best
George Buza Grandpa Granger
Vince Corazza Steve
John Stocker Peasant
Lyon Smith Kevin
Craig Lauzon Gary
Peter Cugno Lee
Tony Daniels Uncle Stan / Gang Member A / Tourist A / Cook C / Crowd A
Christopher Marren Narrator
Nao Nagasawa Sumeragi Daichi
Tim Grimes Eddy
Allen Stewart-Coates Voltaire
Ari-Paul Saunders Kevin
Robert Tinkler Gang Member B / Cook A / Curator / Crowd B

Episodes View details

1 The Blade Raider 30 min | Jul 05, 2002

Tyson is caught up in the sport of Beyblading, but can he balance Beyblading and martial arts?

2 Day of the Dragoon 30 min | Jul 05, 2002

When Tyson and Kai end up battling against each other, Tyson is easily defeated. Can he unlock a mythical bit beast to even the score?

3 Take It to the Max 30 min | Jul 06, 2002

Can Kenny's friendship with Tyson continue when a new kid named Max seems to be stealing Tyson away?

4 The Qualifier Begins 30 min | Jul 12, 2002

Max and Tyson arrive at the tournament and Tyson faces his first opponent.

5 Draciel of Approval 30 min | Jul 19, 2002

The first matchup in the semi-finals is Max vs. Kai. Can Max pull the upset off without a bitbeast giving him support?

6 Dragoon Storm 30 min | Jul 19, 2002

The mysterious blader Ray and Tyson do battle in the second round. Can Tyson survive the mysterious Tiger Claw Attack?

7 Thirteen Candles 30 min | Jul 20, 2002

The National Beyblade Championship Match is set -- with Tyson facing off against reigning champion, Kai. It's not until Grandpa throws a surprise party for Tyson that the rookie sensation realizes he has forgotten his own birthday, but what will Kai have in store for him?

8 Bladin' In the Streets 30 min | Jul 26, 2002

Tyson and his new team, the Bladebreakers, prepare for the World Championships. Kai seems to reject his newfound team and leads them on a chase through the streets. That's where the guys learn some lessons about Beyblading from some very mysterious 'bladers.

9 Showdown in Hong Kong 30 min | Jul 27, 2002

Our heroes arrive in Hong Kong on a stop-over to the Asian World Championships when they run into Ray's old gang, the White Tigers. Naturally, a Beyblade battle quickly ensues.

10 Battle in the Sky 30 min | Aug 02, 2002

The Bladebreakers discover that them and the White Tigers are in different divisons. To face them, they'll have to make it to the finals, but can the Unknown Tall Boys shock everyone and defeat the Bladebreakers ending all national title hopes?

11 Bye Bye Bit Beast 30 min | Aug 03, 2002

Kevin decides to try and destroy Ray by stealing his data. What will happen if Kevin succeeds? Will the Bladebreakers have any chance of winning the Asian tournament, or will something worse happen?

12 Adios Bladebreakers 30 min | Aug 09, 2002

With his bitbeast gone, Ray loses all confidence and decides to leave the Bladebreakers. Can Tyson convience him to come back, or will Mariah convience him that the White Tigers team is his real home?

13 Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger 30 min | Aug 10, 2002

With the Bladebreakers having impressed everyone, the White Tigers decide to get serious. Can they show everyone why they are the best?

14 The Race is On! 30 min | Aug 16, 2002

A rockslide makes Tyson and Ray fall behind on their way to the semi-final matchup. Can they make it on time, or will a forfit keep the Bladebreakers from a showdown with the White Tigers?

15 Going for the Gold 30 min | Aug 17, 2002

The Asian finals begin between Max and Gary, but Gary's open-mindedness makes everyone think he can't win a thing. Will Gary's true wrath be unleashed to show why he battles instead of Kevin?

16 My Enemy, My Friend 30 min | Aug 23, 2002

Ray and Mariah get ready to go head to head, but can these two lovers put aside their feelings for the match. Maybe their bitbeasts will have something to say about it.

Guest stars: Konno Hiromi
17 A Score to Settle 30 min | Aug 24, 2002

When Tyson and Lee's matchup turns out to be a draw, it's up to Ray to defeat his old team and keep Driger. How will Driger and Ray react to this news?

18 A Star is Born 30 min | Aug 30, 2002

With the Asian Tournament over, the Bladebreakers head home for a small break, but what will happen now that Tyson feels he has power?

19 Under the Microscope 30 min | Aug 31, 2002

Max insists on seeing his mom before the American tournament, but what will he do when he finds out she works for the opposing team?

20 It's All Relative 30 min | Sep 06, 2002

After their non-competition loss to Emily of the All Starz at the BBA Research Center, the Blade Breakers sneak around the high-tech facility, hoping to learn more about their competition. There, they confront two other All Starz, and Max learns more about his Mom's job at the BBA - specifically, a rumor of why Max wasn't asked to join the All Starz Team.

21 Practice Makes Perfect! 30 min | Sep 07, 2002

Can the Bladebreakers gain their confidence back after seeing all the fancy American equipment?

22 Blading with the Stars 30 min | Sep 13, 2002

When Max participates in a charity Beyblade event, he must teach Emily what team work is all about. Can he succeed?

23 Showdown in Vegas 30 min | Sep 14, 2002

The American tournament begins in Las Vegas. Will Kai decide to show the All Starz his true power?

24 Viva Las Vegas 30 min | Sep 20, 2002

The Blade Breakers decide to study the All Starz moves so they can become stronger. Will they succeed?

Guest stars: Konno Hiromi
25 My Way or the Highway 30 min | Sep 21, 2002

When Tyson gets a stomachache before the semi-finals, Kai must step up and take his place. Can the Bladebreakers keep their momentum going in the mysterious New Jersey Turnpike?

26 Catch a Shooting All-Star! 30 min | Sep 26, 2002

Tyson's health is restored before the finals, so he gets ready to battle again. Can Max help them realize he can defeat his mom's team, or will Kai get the final spot?

27 The Battle of America 30 min | Sep 27, 2002

The finals continue. Can the Blade Breakers muster the strength to win, or will the All Starz become the new American Champions?

28 Bottom of the Ninth 30 min | Oct 04, 2002

It's Max versus Michael for the American team championship. Which team will end up being victorious?

29 Play It Again, Dizzi! 30 min | Oct 05, 2002

Kenny ponders how the Bladebreakers got together, and he wonders what the next touranment will bring.

30 Cruising for a Bruising 30 min | Oct 11, 2002

When the Bladebreakers run into Robert on a ship to Russia, they realize just how much their bitbeasts need to develop. Can they learn how to gain the strength needed?

31 London Calling 30 min | Oct 18, 2002

When the Bladebreakers arrive in London, a mysterious tape about evil bitbeasts is waiting for Tyson. Can they interpret what Tyson's father is trying to tell them before they encounter an evil bitbeast, or is it already to late?

32 Darkness at the End of the Tunnel... 30 min | Oct 19, 2002

The Dark Bladers try once again to steal the Bladebreakers bitbeasts and turn them evil in a subway tunnel. Will they succeed?

33 Last Tangle in Paris 30 min | Oct 25, 2002

The Blade Breakers arrive in Paris, but the Dark Bladers follow them there. Can the Blade Breakers handle one more battle with the Dark Bladers, or will additional and unexpected help come to save them?

34 Art Attack 30 min | Oct 26, 2002

Tyson determines to battle the blader named Oliver, but does he have any chance at victory?

35 When in Rome... Beyblade! 30 min | Nov 02, 2002

The Blade Breakers arrive in Rome to battle against their next opponent, Enrique. Can Tyson finally successfully defeat one of Europe's top bladers, or will he learn that he has a lot of skills to develop?

36 Déjà Vu All Over Again 30 min | Nov 03, 2002

Tyson determines that he must defeat Enrique if his reputation as a top Beyblader is to be restored, but when Oliver arrives it becomes 2 of Europe's top bladers against Tyson's ego. Can he figure out a way to show that bitbeasts should be used for more than just power?

37 A Knight to Remember! 30 min | Nov 09, 2002

Enrique and Oliver take the Blade Breakers to Robert's mansion, but can Tyson get his rematch against Robert, or will this Johnny character interfer?

38 Olympia Challenge 30 min | Nov 09, 2002

The Blade Breakers decide to challenge Robert, Johnny, Enrique, and Oliver to a team battle. They accept, but can ""The Majestics"" work together as a team when they've been individual fighters their entire life?

39 A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory? 30 min | Nov 09, 2002

It's Kai versus Johnny and Tyson versus Robert for the right to go to the World Championships in Russia. Who will win the bout?

40 Hot Battle in a Cold Town 30 min | Apr 11, 2003

A mysterious man named Boris invites the Bladebreakers to his physilities for a practice battle. Should they trust him, and if they do, then can they win the battle?

41 Out of the Past 30 min | Apr 18, 2003

Kai investigates Boris' Abbey since he feels some sort of draw to it. What will he find? Also, Max meets up with the All Starz and Ray meets up with the White Tigers. Why have they come to Russia?

42 Drawn to the Darkness 30 min | Apr 19, 2003

Kai must choose whether he wants the power of Dark Dranzer or the friendship of the Blade Breakers. Which will he decide?

43 Live and Let Kai! 30 min | Apr 25, 2003

While the Bladebreakers try and find out what Kai's doing, the All Starz get ready to scrimmage the Demolition Boys, but when Kai shows up on the Demolition Boys and challenges all 4 All Starz at once, you know fire works will erupt. What will he do?

44 Losing Kai 30 min | Apr 26, 2003

The White Tigers determine to get revenge on Kai for the All Starz, but will they need to when Tyson and the Bladebreakers decide to try and talk some sense into Kai?

45 Breaking the Ice 30 min | May 02, 2003

Kai decides he wants all of the bitbeast, so he challenges the Bladebreakers to a match. Will they stand a chance without Max, who's with his mom at the airport?

46 First Strike 30 min | May 03, 2003

Kai and Tyson's father appear to let everyone know what Biovalt is really up to. Can the Bladebreakers find a way to stop them?

47 A Lesson for Tyson 30 min | May 09, 2003

The Majestics show up in Russia with a challenge for the Bladebreakers, defeat them in a match, or lose their bitbeasts. Why have they come to Russia, and why do they want the Bladebreakes bitbeasts?

48 Victory in Defeat 30 min | May 10, 2003

Kai is given a tempting offer from his grandfather Voltaire, use dark Dranzer, or risk losing Dranzer forever. Will he give in?

49 A Wicked Wind Blows 30 min | May 16, 2003

With Kai losing in the first round, Ray must find some way to even up the score. Can he find the strength to do so, and if he does, will he risk losing Drigger forever?

50 New and Cyber-Improved... 30 min | May 17, 2003

When Tala gets cyber implants and Tyson gets new blading equipment, you know their match strategy's are bound to change, but just how will the changes affect the championship?

51 Final Showdown! 30 min | May 23, 2003

A grave meeting is held between the Majestics, Kevin of the White Tigers, and the Dark Bladers in case Tyson should lose the match. Can Tyson survive in this other dimension, or will the Demolition Boys become World Champions and rulers?


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875707650090 Blu-ray A Jan 29, 2019 SD on BD
696998085893 DVD 1 Feb 25, 2003