Big Brother (Australia): Season 5


IMDb 3.2
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Sonia Kruger Host
Ryan Fitzgerald
Christina Davis
Peter Timbs
Anouska Golebiewski
Joanne Ashton
Aphrodite Vuitton
Krystal Ince
Belinda Thorpe
Leah White
Merlin Luck
Paul Dyer
Benjamin Archbold
Bree Quartermaine
Gordon Sloan
Daniel McInness
Carmel Hill


The craze of Big Brother is simple - 14 people in a house on camera 24/7. Each week, one is evicted. Throw in 3 specials a week and voila - a hit series! The phenomenon has swept the world and has finally reached Australia and New Zealand, and by the ratings, it's here to stay. Each year the producers try to come up with fresh un-used ideas. In previous years the winner of Big Brother has pocketed $250,000. That's enough money to set any young person up financially. But this year's prize money is out of control. The winner of Big Brother 2004 will become a millionaire! And it will be kept secret from the Housemates, until Big Brother decides to share it with them. Everybody seems to have a bit of a '70s feel about them at the moment. There's a bit of a resurgence of all of that. It just sort of made sense that people would love to have a disco floor in their house. Bean bags seem to have come back into vogue. The shag carpet came from all that as well. There's stuff like fun


Episode 1: Opening Night

30 min 2005-05-08
All the current BB house mates (we don't know if there are any intruders coming yet) entered the house. We found out the intruder is Logan (David or Greg) and that they will both earn a place in the BB house by tricking the other house mates into believing they are one person... Also the million dollars may not quite turn out to be that as the house mates will be fined for breaking rules and this will decrease their winning money!

Episode 2: Live Suprise

30 min 2005-05-09
Gretal compares the two Logan twins traits. The two swap places in the Big Brother house for the first time

Episode 3: Friday Night Live #1

30 min 2005-05-13

Episode 4: Lies Revealed

30 min 2005-05-15
Big Brother has found out that three housemates (Constance, Dean & Nelson) lied to get into the big brother house - mainly about their relationship status. He has moved them into some sort of lock down area for the time being but the other housemates think that they have left... Also the twins have been discovered and officially intoduced to the house.

Episode 5: Live Nominations #1

30 min 2005-05-16

Episode 6: Special Liars Eviction (Constance & Nelson)

30 min 2005-05-17

Episode 7: Friday Night Live #2

30 min 2005-05-20

Episode 8: Live Eviction #1 (Angela)

30 min 2005-05-22
Angela is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Episode 9: Live Nominations #2

30 min 2005-05-23

Episode 10: Uncut 2005 #1

30 min 2005-05-23