Big Trouble

Buena Vista (2002)
Comedy, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 25min

The story of how a mysterious suitcase brings together, and changes, the lives of a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, two hitmen, a pair of street thugs, two love struck teens, two FBI men and a psychedelic toad. Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry's best-selling first novel, "Big Trouble."

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Tim Allen Eliot Arnold
Rene Russo Anna Herk
Stanley Tucci Arthur Herk
Tom Sizemore Snake Dupree
Johnny Knoxville Eddie Leadbetter
Dennis Farina Henry Desalvo
Jack Kehler Leonard Ferroni
Janeane Garofalo Police Officer Monica Romero
Patrick Warburton Police Officer Walter Kramitz
Ben Foster Matt Arnold
Zooey Deschanel Jenny Herk
Heavy D FBI Agent Pat Greer
Omar Epps FBI Agent Alan Seitz
Jason Lee Puggy
Sofia Vergara Nina
Andy Richter Jack Pendick / Ralph Pendick
Michael McShane Bruce
Daniel London John / Ivan
Lars Arentz-Hansen Leo
DJ Qualls Andrew
Cullen Douglas Fly by Air Captain Justin Hobart
Flip Schultz Fly by Air Co-Pilot Jan Vigushin
Patrick Mickler Cigar Buddy
Gerald Owens Cigar Buddy
Mitchell Carrey Cigar Buddy

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Director Barry Sonnenfeld
Writer Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone, Dave Barry
Producer Barry Sonnenfeld, Barry Josephson, Tom Jacobson, Jim Wedaa, Chris Soldo, Graham Place
Photography Greg Gardiner
Musician James Newton Howard


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738329229726 Blu-ray A Nov 06, 2018
786936165418 DVD 1, 4 Oct 08, 2002
738329229719 DVD 1 Nov 06, 2018
5017188888769 DVD 2 Nov 03, 2003
7393834256501 DVD 2 May 28, 2003 DVD
5017188886710 DVD 2
7393834256907 DVD 2
4009750287316 DVD 2 Jul 12, 2007
9398521301036 DVD 4 Apr 23, 2003
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0786936165418 DVD Oct 08, 2002
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786936196566 VHS 1 Aug 07, 2001
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8717418046033 Aug 03, 2005