Columbia TriStar (1984)
Drama, War
USA | English | Color | 2h

Two young men are seriously affected by the Vietnam war. One of them has always been obsessed with birds - but now believes he really is a bird, and has been sent to a mental hospital. Can his friend help him pull through?

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Nicolas Cage Sgt. Alfonso 'Al' Columbato
John Harkins Major Weiss M.D.
Marshall Bell Ronsky
Karen Young Hannah Rourke
Bruno Kirby Renaldi
Matthew Modine Birdy
Tim Davis Veteran
Sandy Baron Mr. Columbato
Michael Shaner Veteran
Irving Selbst Fairground Announcer
Priscilla Alden Waiting Room Lady
Nancy Fish Mrs. Prevost
Sandra Beall Shirley
Pat Ryan Joe Sagessa
Elizabeth Whitcraft Rosanne
Maud Winchester Doris Robinson
George Buck Walt - Birdy's Father
Joe Lerer Military Doctor
Crystal Field Mrs. Columbato
Mark Simpson Helicopter Soldier
John Brumfield Mr. Kohler
Harry Hauss Helicopter Pilot
Dolores Sage Birdy's Mother
David Kuhn High School Band
Richard Holley Helicopter Pilot
James Santini Mario Columbato
Victoria Nekko Claire
Alice Truscott Mother on Train
Ed Taylor Zimmy the Human Fish
Steve Lippe Mr. Russo - Junkyard Proprietor
William Clark Policeman on Beach
James Pruett Emergency Doctor
Howard Kinsley Mr. Tate
Robert Diamond Maloney
Bud Seese Drunk in Jail
Ray Pili High School Band
Lawrence J. McKenna High School Band
Kevin P. Kuhn High School Band
Ronald Distefano High School Band
Larry Hochman High School Band
Guy Jones Hospital Orderly
Erskine Morgan Hospital Orderly
Ramona Bajema Girl on Train
Maurice Frizzeli Jr. Nuts and Bolts Patient
Donald Sims Nuts and Bolts Patient
Richard Mason Injured Soldier
Charles A. Tamburro Helicopter Pilot
Clark Taylor Helicopter Soldier

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Director Alan Parker
Writer Jack Behr, Sandy Kroopf, William Wharton
Producer Alan Marshall, David Manson, Ned Kopp
Photography Michael Seresin
Musician Peter Gabriel


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043396045798 DVD 1 Feb 15, 2000
8712609076936 DVD 1 2000
683904546616 DVD 1 Jul 11, 2017
5035822063037 DVD 2 Apr 17, 2000
3333297506304 DVD 2 Apr 17, 2000
8712609077070 DVD 2
8013123090201 DVD 2
6420201099216 DVD 2 Apr 17, 2000
9317731003202 DVD 4 2000
4030521106307 DVD
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3333297198370 DVD Apr 24, 2008
8712609076868 DVD
8414533002370 DVD
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5050582171730 DVD
5024165815694 VHS Apr 17, 2000
4030521711617 2 Oct 25, 2007
5014138211035 Sep 24, 1990