Black Beauty

Tigon British Film Productions (1971)
Drama, Family
UK | English | Color | 1h 41min

Anna Sewell's classic 1877 novel beautifully comes to life in this family drama set in England. Told from the point of view of Black Beauty himself, the story sheds light on the details surrounding the colt's birth and his perception of humans (he has various owners throughout his life). While some owners are compassionate -- none more than Joe Evans (Mark Lester), the boy who first owns the colt.

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John Nettleton Sir William
Walter Slezak Hackenschmidt
John Franklyn Coalman
Patrick Mower Sam Greener
Maria Rohm Lady Anne
Uschi Glas Marie Hackenschmidt
Mark Lester Joe Evans
Brian McGrath Mark Beauchamp
Margaret Lacey Anne Sewell
Clive Geraghty Roger
Peter Lee Lawrence Gervaise
Eddie Golden Evans
John Hoey Muldoon
Patrick Gardiner O'Flaherty
Ronan Smith Farmboy

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Director James Hill
Writer James Hill, Anna Sewell, Wolf Mankowitz
Producer Artur Brauner, Tony Tenser, Peter L. Andrews, Malcolm B. Heyworth, Peter Hahne
Photography Chris Menges


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