Black Friday

MTI Home Video (2000)

Adventure, Action
USA / English / 95 mins
IMDb 3.3
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Larry Bagby Stevens
Markus Botnick Reiter
Gary Daniels Dean Campbell
Markus Fogwell Michael
Paul Gunning Parsons
Hollywood Heard Joe
Christopher Janney Swindell
Ryan Kos Cranston
Matthew Reithmayr Matt Perkins
Christopher Stapleton Brussard
Jason Middlekoop The Man
Phil Neaves Mr. Smith
Mary Mitchell Mrs. Smith
Laura Kane Pretty Woman
John Neaves Handsome Man

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Darren Doane
Mike Blanchard
Writer Darren Doane, Evan Jacobs Matthew Reithmayr, Ron Sparks
Producer Gary Daniels, William Doane Mike Hartsfield, Gary Hummer, Vannessa Righton, Dan Snow, Alan M. Solomon, Mike Blanchard


Years ago Dean Campbell (Gary Daniels) was a black ops soldier, but now he's put all of that behind him and become a successful lawyer with a loving family. But his happy life is thrown into chaos when he arrives home one day to discover that government agents have surrounded his home, claiming that crazed commandos armed with chemical weapons are inside, holding his family hostage. Central Chemical Operations agents Brussard (Christopher Stapleton) and Swindel (Christopher Janney) claim they want to work with Dean to defeat the terrorists, but then they quickly turn on him, trying to kill him. Now Campbell must take on the very government he once worked for.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
096009070496 1 2002-05-23
692865503026 1 2002-05-28
881273000993 1
039414597004 1 2001-07-27
824255050401 2002-12-06