Blood And Black Lace

Emmepi Cinematografica (1964)
Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Foreign
Italy | Italian | Color | 1h 30min

Inspector Sylvester is assigned to investigate the violent murder of a fashion house model Isabella, by a masked assailant. As the investigation proceeds all of the house’s various sins, including corruption, abortions, blackmail and drug addiction, begin to come to light. It turns out that Isabella had kept a diary detailing these vices, and now almost every employee becomes nervous.

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Cameron Mitchell Massimo Morlacchi / Max Morlan
Eva Bartok Contessa Cristiana Cuomo / Countess Christina Como
Thomas Reiner Ispettore Silvestri / Inspector Sylvester
Arianna Gorini Nicole
Dante DiPaolo Franco Scalo / Frank Scalo
Mary Arden Peggy Peyton
Franco Ressel Marchese Riccardo Morelli / Marquis Richard Morell
Claude Dantes Tao-Li / Tilde
Luciano Pigozzi Cesare Lazzarini / Caesar Lazar
Lea Lander Greta
Massimo Righi Marco
Francesca Ungaro Isabella
Giuliano Raffaelli Zanchin
Harriet Medin Clarissa / Clarice
Mary Carmen Model
Heidi Stroh Bleach Blond Model
Enzo Cerusico Gas Station Attendant
Nadia Anty Model
Calisto Calisti Butler
Paul Frees Max / Sylvester / Morell / Ceaser / Marco / Zanchin / Attendant / Walla
Goffredo Unger The Masked Killer

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Director Mario Bava
Writer Mario Bava, Marcello Fondato, Giuseppe Barilla, Mary Arden
Producer Alfredo Mirabile, Massimo Patrizi, Georges de Beauregard, Georges C. Stilly, Lou Moss
Photography Mario Bava, Ubaldo Terzano
Musician Carlo Rustichelli


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089859841323 DVD 1 Oct 25, 2005 Unslashed Collector's Edition
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9327478001195 DVD 4, Free
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